2 ; 1 ; in Month : March (2020) Article No : gjvcr-v2-1004
Juliana Weckx Peña Muñoz, Thais Fernanda Machado

The cases of non-union or delayed union are the main diagnoses related to complications of orthopedic fractures within the veterinary surgery of companion animals, mainly dogs. Bone graft transplantation is a growing competence as an adjuvant treatment in these cases. The study reveals its use through the evaluation of the data obtained in an advanced research on the topic referring to the main scientific databases, resulting in a systematic review, in addition to proving its means of extraction and conservation. Although there is the possibility of performing autograft and xenograft, among other substitute materials, a choice on the part of the veterinarian must make a tiny assessment of each case. However, this therapeutic approach requires greater professional, structural and, consequently, financial investment by veterinarians and hospital doctors. As well as, the realization of scientific works with the objective of contributing to the evolution of this method of associated treatment and bringing more and more benefits to the orthopedic patient.

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